Thai senior mother and young daughter women wearing fabric mask for Social distancing process at outdoor while Coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak and PM 2.5 Dust situation in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Health and safety in care (Covid 19 / Infection Control)

We have continued to work providing care and support to our clients in the local community. Our infection control measures have always been extremely robust and we had quickly put in place before the first lock down in March 2020 enhanced measures to protect both clients and Carers.

These measures have been very successful, and we continue to work and monitor, and test to keep everyone safe.

We do not accept anyone home from hospital without a prior to discharge Covid test and will re-test at home if they develop any symptoms.

Our carers will wear enhanced personal protection (PPE) if a client comes home from hospital and standard PPE – gloves, apron, and mask for the duration of any calls in the home.  

We can test clients at home if needed and all Carers test themselves twice a week and report results and all staff have been vaccinated.