Reaching the point in your life when you’re finding it difficult with mobility, memory, personal care, and medication can make it challenging to complete daily tasks alone safely. This is when your care needs and the support you require have changed.

A live-in carer enables you to live in your own home and retain your independence as much as possible while providing practical support and companionship throughout the day. This means you shouldn’t have to leave the place where you are most comfortable, secure, and probably have many memories – your own home!

Familiar Surroundings

Live-in care allows you to stay at home, which is comforting and prevents a dramatic change to your daily routine, environment, life, and wellbeing. You remain in your familiar surroundings with your memories and sentimental things, enhancing your quality of life.

One-on-One Care

One of the most significant advantages of live-in care is that your live-in carer dedicates their time to your care needs and support. They can personally provide one-on-one attention to you or your loved one, ensuring that they meet all the required needs.


Continuity of Care

Live-in care provides continuity of care that is difficult to find elsewhere. You have the same carer/s for a long period of time, forming strong relationships and trust that improves your wellbeing. Continuity of care is important for conditions such as dementia, where familiarity is vital.

Care Plans

Care plans in live-in care settings are designed to enhance daily routines. These are detailed documents that are person-centered with outlined goals, outcomes, interventions, and actions for healthcare and social needs. The care plan is created in a person-centered way to achieve the desired outcomes for your care needs and support.

Increased Independence

Live-In Care can give you independence. You can still do activities that you enjoy, receive support with taking medication, personal care, and buying groceries, etc. Carers provide support so you can stay independent.


Peace of Mind for Families

Live-in care gives families peace of mind about their loved ones’ wellbeing. Families can feel at ease knowing their loved ones are being well cared for while they go about their daily life, such as work and caring for children. This, in turn, enables family members to be with family rather than spend a large amount of time caring.

Live-in Care: A Good Option For Those Wanting Care At Home

It provides personal attention, consistency, and helps individuals be independent in their own home. Live-in care is a perfect option if you or someone you care about needs care and support with daily tasks such as medication management, personal care, maintaining the home environment, nutrition & hydration, social activities, and mobility difficulties.

There are different options for different levels of dependency: 

    • Live-in carer with a 2-hour break per day
    • Live-in carer with a 4-hour break per day

Both options are available with extra staff provided at an additional cost so that you or your loved one is not left alone.

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