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CT Care is an independent home care company that provides the best standards of care. Due to our independence, we have the ability to grow and constantly enhance the in-home care services we offer our current and new clients. 

When you’re looking for a ‘care agency near me’, as a local care company, we are personally invested in our community and do everything possible to ensure its residents have access to the care they need. In the community of Market Harborough and the surrounding areas, CT care has established a reputation as one of the best care agencies around. Many of our clients come from personal recommendations after clients, families and healthcare workers are asked the question, “Is there a reliable care agency near me?”

Our caring team is qualified, experienced and undergoes rigorous screening to ensure that each of our clients receives professional, empathetic and friendly in-home care services when they need them most.

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Why choose us?

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find home care services near me?” The answer is simple. CT Care is one of the top in-home care providers in Market Harborough and the surrounding areas. When you choose CT Care as your in-home care agency, know that you are choosing the very best for yourself or your loved one.

Fully regulated by the CQC 

The Care Quality Commission independently regulates health and social care in England, indicating the quality of care you can expect from home care providers and other health services

Providing local care for 10+ years 

As an independent care provider, we are trusted by the community of Market Harborough and the surrounding areas to care for its residents. 

Quality care 

As an independent care provider, we are not governed by a head office looking to hit certain targets. We care most about our clients and provide the highest standard of care possible.

Fully trained team 

Our team is rigorously screened to find the best carers. We provide thorough training and continue to give our team the resources and support they need to be the best carers they can be for our clients.

Adaptable service 

Our independence allows us to customise our services to suit our clients, ensuring that their every unique need is met efficiently and compassionately 

Our services

“What services do care companies near me offer?”

Hourly care

Finding a care company that offers services to suit your unique requirements can be challenging. At CT Care, we adapt our services to suit each client’s specific needs and preferences. With a minimum of five hours per week, we can assist you with in-home care on an hourly basis. We can help with all of the tasks and daily activities that promote the well-being and good health of our clients.

Live-in care

We offer live-in care for our clients that have round-the-clock needs where our carers provide services directly in our clients’ homes for a period of time. Our carers are diligent and discreet, providing in-home care that our clients can depend on.

Above and beyond

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At CT Care, providing exceptional in-home care to our clients at prices they can afford is our top priority, ensuring we go above and beyond to keep our clients safe, comfortable and happy. 

It is often the case that family or friends have been overwhelmed coping for a significant time before finally realising that they need help. We understand how difficult it can be to ask for help and aim to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. In our extensive experience, we have learned that no two clients have the same care requirements, which is why we offer you a no-obligation home assessment with no obligations on your part. 

During the hour-long assessment, we will take all of your basic information, discuss what your expectations are, and note any specific requirements you may have. We will work in collaboration with you to form a care or support plan to suit your needs. You are free to discuss this plan with your friends and family before committing or making any decisions and can review or update the plan as needed.

Branch Information


CT Care is a 100% independent in-home care agency. This means that we do not have to answer to a head office more concerned with saving costs and following impersonal rules. As an independent branch, we set our own standards and expectations, and we set them high! Since we are not bound by corporate concerns, we are able to give our clients the personalised care they deserve, serving even the most unusual requests. Our top priority is providing the best standards of care and ensuring that our clients are as comfortable and well cared for as possible at all times.

FREE home assessment

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If you are looking for home care services near me and interested in our services for yourself, a friend or a loved one, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team. We are happy to provide a completely free home assessment to assess your needs and determine how we will be able to meet your requirements. Fill out the form below to get started.